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Amy's Amazing Adventures

New York City!

by on May.26, 2015, under Uncategorized

Mom, Dad, Steve and I stopped in New York for a couple of days on our way home from Florida.

nyc 3 sm


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by on May.26, 2015, under Uncategorized

Last winter we escaped to Jamaica. This winter we decided on Florida.

(May 2014 vs. March 2015)
backyard 2014 sm backyard early 2015 sm

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Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta (2014)

by on May.25, 2015, under Uncategorized

Peter, Steve, Emily and I went on a little day trip to Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park near Milk River, Alberta.

writing on stone 1 sm

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Waterton, Alberta 2014

by on May.25, 2015, under Uncategorized

Steve and I moved to Nova Scotia in September 2010. We were back to Alberta for a brief visit in September 2012, and then not again until June 2014. This time we stayed for a whole month!
Waterton is one of our favourite places to visit.
waterton lake sm

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Jamaica! (February 2014)

by on May.15, 2015, under Uncategorized

To distract ourselves from the horrible, cold winter in Nova Scotia…
snowy ng -sm

 Mom, Dad, Steve and I went to Jamaica!
Jamaica resort 5- sm

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Niagara Falls! continued

by on Sep.12, 2009, under Uncategorized

This is the last day of our honeymoon. It’s been a lot of fun and full of adventure.


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Niagara Falls!

by on Sep.07, 2009, under Uncategorized

We have been in Niagara Falls for a couple of days and we love it!


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by on Sep.01, 2009, under Uncategorized

So, my most recent adventure has been getting married!

Steve and I got married on 29 August 2009 in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.


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Rural Alberta!

by on Jun.29, 2009, under Uncategorized

This weekend I went with Steve and his family (minus his mom who is currently in Paris, France!) to visit the places Peter Day (steve’s dad) worked in when he first came to Canada from England in the 60’s.

He came to Oyen, Alberta to work on the Barnett’s farm.

school-house-smallThis is an old school house

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Newest Adventure!

by on Jun.02, 2009, under Uncategorized

So, it has nothing to do with travel, but it’s certainly an adventure…

I’m getting married!

Steve Day proposed on 30 April, 2009.  (with the perfect ring!)


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Canada! continued

by on Apr.23, 2009, under Uncategorized

Days 2 and 3

We are finally through Ontario! It seemed like it would never end.

We did learn an interesting fact in Ontario though. Apparently, North Bay is the Smoothie Capital of Canada. So… we got a smoothie :)

I have a picture of the fog in the “mountains” of Quebec and a picture of the Ottawa River in a small town in Ontario. (No where near Ottawa)

We are now in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I think it’s one of my favourite Canadian cities so far.

We will be in Lethbridge tomorrow evening! Yay!



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by on Apr.20, 2009, under Uncategorized

Day 1

I’m moving to Alberta! I already miss Nova Scotia and all of my Nova Scotian people, but I do love Lethbridge and my Lethbridgian people :)

I wanted to post some pictures of the trip. The ‘Canada’ section will be mostly pictures since I don’t have a whole lot of free time to write about our cross-country adventure.

Steve has been doing most of the driving while I work. He’s a great driver and has no problem with the huge truck and trailer in high traffic areas like Montreal :)

Here are some pictures from New Brunswick


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by on Mar.14, 2009, under Uncategorized

Quito is quite a unique city. It’s built on a slope of an active volcano in the Andes mountains. The elevation is about 9,350 ft! It’s kind of hard to breath since the air is so thin, and apparently, some people get sick because of it. Acute Mountain Sickness is caused by acute exposure to low air pressure and is common at elevations above 8,000 ft.

Thankfully, neither Steve nor I felt any effects other than occasional slight dizziness.

We were in the clouds! You could see them all around you.


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Galapagos Islands!

by on Mar.03, 2009, under Uncategorized

So, Dad just informed me that there was a bombing in Egypt on Sunday at the Kahn El Kahlili market that I talked about in my blog. Steve and I were there only 3 weeks ago! One person was killed and 20 injured.  Pretty scary! I’m really glad that we were safe.

We got to Quito, Ecuador on Monday. We expected to be picked up by someone from our tour group at the airport, but no one was there. Instead we were met by a hoard of media and fans. Unfortunately, they weren’t our fans. We had been on the plane from Panama with a FIFA soccer team from somewhere that apparently is quite popular in Quito.

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New post soon…

by on Mar.01, 2009, under Uncategorized

Sorry about the long wait for the Galapagos post! The Internet in Ecuador seems to be very unreliable.

The blog is written, and the pictures are waiting to be posted, I just have to wait until I get to Los Angeles in order to actually post it.

It will be worth the wait. The Galapagos Islands were AMAZING!

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Australia! continued…

by on Feb.19, 2009, under Uncategorized

Brisbane is my favourite Australian city! Although, the only cities we’ve been to are Sydney and Brisbane, but Brisbane is just great!

We got to Brisbane at about 5pm on Monday night. We checked in to the hotel then walked down town. We went to the mall and had supper (Felafel Kabobs) and then just looked around and walked back to the hotel. It’s such a nice city. Clean. Pretty. Exciting!

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by on Feb.16, 2009, under Uncategorized

We left Egypt at 10:30am on Friday the 13th. Friday is their Sabbath day, so it’s much quieter than the rest of the week.

When we got to Egypt, we were met by an English speaking man holding a sign that said “Ms Katherine and Mr Steven”. He then helped us get through customs and security and then introduced us to his boss, George, who the drove us to our hotel. The same people picked us up at the hotel and took us to the airport and helped us get through security and check in for our flight. They were so helpful! To anyone traveling to Egypt, I would definitely recommend hiring them. They made things so much easier.

a P.S. about Egypt: I need to learn how to make Koshary and Falafels!

We flew 6 hours to Singapore, which seemed to go by rather quickly because we slept for most of the way.

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Egypt! continued…

by on Feb.11, 2009, under Uncategorized

One of the reasons why this trip is so great is because we get to see things about other countries that most tourists don’t see! Our tours have been private tours, so it has just been Steve and I and our tour guide, Reham.

On Sunday morning we went to the Citadel.  The Citadel is a major tourist attraction. The citadel contains Al-Gawhara Palace, the National Military Museum and the Police Museum. It was built as a fortress and a royal city. Legend has it that Saladin (the Sultan) chose the site for its healthy air.  The story goes that he hung pieces of meat up all around Cairo.  Everywhere the meat spoilt within a day, with the exception of the Citadel area where it remained fresh for several days.

The fortress was built between 1176 – 1183 AD.

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by on Feb.08, 2009, under Uncategorized

So, our flight from Japan to Singapore was nice and short. Only 6 hours. But because we got up so early that morning, by the time we got to Singapore, we were both so tired! Apparently, when I get that tired, I have very little patience and when Steve gets tired, he gets very grumpy. Not a good combination. We pretty much hated each other for 8 hours. ha ha (our lay over in Singapore was 8 hours long!) We found a place to eat, got some free foot and leg massages, then found a little corner by our gate that seemed to be pretty deserted and slept on the floor for about 3 hours. That seemed to help. I’ll write about the awesome-ness that is the Singapore airport when we stay in Singapore next week.

Our flight to Cairo from Singapore left at 2am. It was an 11 hour flight, so by the time we got to our hotel in Cairo, we had been traveling for about 25 hours straight!

We were met at the Cairo airport by an English speaking driver. He helped us get through customs and then introduced us to George; the one who will be taking us on a tour of Fayoum in a couple of days, and also taking us back to the airport on Saturday (i think)

The Cairo airport was very intimidating. As is Cairo itself. There are guards and police everywhere. There are 3 kinds of police. the regular Police, Tourist Police, and Traffic Police. There are guards outside at the corners of our hotel with large guns. The traffic is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. There seem to be millions of cars following only one rule: “try not to hit anything”! You can see in the next picture how the cars just drive where they can find room. The horns are used constanly, but not in the “hey what do you think you’re doing” kind of way. It’s more like “in case you don’t see me, my rearview mirror is scraping along the side of your car”


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by on Feb.06, 2009, under Uncategorized

I am writing this blog on the plane!

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