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We left Egypt at 10:30am on Friday the 13th. Friday is their Sabbath day, so it’s much quieter than the rest of the week.

When we got to Egypt, we were met by an English speaking man holding a sign that said “Ms Katherine and Mr Steven”. He then helped us get through customs and security and then introduced us to his boss, George, who the drove us to our hotel. The same people picked us up at the hotel and took us to the airport and helped us get through security and check in for our flight. They were so helpful! To anyone traveling to Egypt, I would definitely recommend hiring them. They made things so much easier.

a P.S. about Egypt: I need to learn how to make Koshary and Falafels!

We flew 6 hours to Singapore, which seemed to go by rather quickly because we slept for most of the way.

We got to Singapore at 6am on the 14th. Our flight to Sydney, Australia was supposed to leave at 9:45am, but was changed to 10:45am so we found the movie theatre and watched a movie. “Music and Lyrics”

was playing. It was really cool to be watching a movie at the theatre in the airport! There was a clock on the wall beside the screen so you could keep an eye on the time while waiting for your flight.

After the movie, we got on the plane and flew 7 hours to Sydney. That flight seemed like it took forever! It was really turbulent and we didn’t have the row to ourselves (for the first time)

We arrived in Sydney at about 10pm on the 14th.

FYI: Sydney is 15 hours ahead of Nova Scotia and 12 hours ahead of Alberta.

We rented a car at the airport and so far, driving in Australia has been our biggest adventure! They drive on the left, so it’s kind of hard to get used to. Not only trying to stay to the left when we’re conditioned to stay right, but the fact that the steering wheel is in the ‘passengers seat’ is an adjustment. It’s hard to tell where you are on the road in relation to the lines and other cars. Steve has done mst of the driving so far, and he’s doing really great!

We also rented a GPS with the car, which is sometimes helpful, although often annoying.

We drove from the airport to our hotel downtown Sydney. That was a horrible experience. It was dark, raining, Saturday night, and Sydney is full of one way streets! So, we finally found the hotel, parked in it’s ridiculously narrow parking garage and checked in.

The next morning, we left for Coffs Harbour which is a 6 hour drive from Sydney. I haven’t been taking many pictures because it’s been raining heavily since we got here! I am very excited to start taking pictures though! There are so many interesting trees and flowers and animals! We saw the ocean in Coffs Harbour. The waves were pretty amazing and the water was a really nice greenish blue colour.

The hotel room door in Coffs Harbour was pretty crazy. It was a sliding glass door with a cage door on the inside, covered by a curtain.


We stayed in Coffs Harbour for the night and then headed to Brisbane which is another 6 hour drive. I’m really glad we decided to rent a car and drive around. We get to see so many interesting things and experience the real Australia instead of the tourist Australia.


I’m writing this in the car as we drive, and we just saw a Kangaroo in a field on the side of the road!!!

We’re having fun looking for animals and reading the strange road signs.

“stay left unless overtaking”, or “every two hours, stop, revive, survive”. Also, the place names are interesting, especially when Steve reads them in an Australian accent.

We got to Brisbane on the evening of the 16th and went for a walk downtown. It is hot! 30 degrees celcius and about 200% humidity! (actually 80%).

One thing that’s interesting about all of these countries is dealing with different currencies. They’re all so interesting. Australian bills are made of plastic and they no longer use 1cent coins. Apparently, they don’t have names for their coins like we do.

We’re about to watch a movie and get some work done. Tomorrow we will be going to the Australia Zoo! I’ll be taking tons of pictures!

Look forward to them!

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  1. Shari Day

    Yay! I am glad you made it there safely. Have fun!

  2. Renee

    Enjoy Australia. We have some good friends from Australia and hear it’s a wonderful country to live in as well as visit.

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