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Quito is quite a unique city. It’s built on a slope of an active volcano in the Andes mountains. The elevation is about 9,350 ft! It’s kind of hard to breath since the air is so thin, and apparently, some people get sick because of it. Acute Mountain Sickness is caused by acute exposure to low air pressure and is common at elevations above 8,000 ft.

Thankfully, neither Steve nor I felt any effects other than occasional slight dizziness.

We were in the clouds! You could see them all around you.


We spent one day in Quito before our trip to the Galapagos and then 3 days after.

At first we thought it was a waste of time to spend so many days in Quito. We didn’t know of any particularly interesting facts about Ecuador, and there was nothing we wanted to see. But we made some friends on the cruise who said they were going to the Equator, so we decided to go too.

It was awesome!

Quito is actually about 25 kms south of the equator. There is a monument and a museum “on” the equator.

The monument is located on the spot where the equator was thought to have crossed in the early 80’s.


The museum is on the actual equator.


It is an outdoor museum. They have replicas of ancient huts and tombs. There are experiments that you can try on the equator to show that you are really on the center of the earth.

Steve (and our tour guide) balanced an egg on a nail!


Our tour guide showed us how water would drain counter-clockwise in the north, clockwise in the south and straight down on the equator. I looked it up online, and there seems to be a debate as to whether or not that’s real, but i saw it! I don’t know how it could be seen as a trick. When Steve gets the videos online I’ll post a link to that one so you can all see it too!

In the museum, we also saw a real 100 yr old shrunken head, anaconda skins, and we tried shooting poison darts at a target.


We spent the next few days just walking around.


And shopping at the markets


The driving was far less crazy than in Egypt, but still crazier than home. At intersections, during red lights, people (usually kids) would start performing in front of the lines of traffic. They would juggle, or do handstands, or walk on stilts.

There were also people walking through the traffic selling things like bananas or memory cards!


We really enjoyed our time in Ecuador.

If you travel there, be prepared for no one to speak English.

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