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Jamaica! (February 2014)

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To distract ourselves from the horrible, cold winter in Nova Scotia…
snowy ng -sm

 Mom, Dad, Steve and I went to Jamaica!
Jamaica resort 5- sm

I loved it there. It was the perfect temperature the entire time (30°C + a breeze), everyone was very friendly and easy going, and the food was yummy!

We left early in the morning in order to catch our flight at 7am. The flight was uneventful (which is how I like them). Landing at the Montego Bay airport was nice because it’s right along side the water. I was watching for sharks or whales as we landed, but didn’t see any.

Once we got our luggage, we took a shuttle bus from the airport to the resort. Most of the people on our bus were from Nova Scotia, which I admit with embarrassment. They were loud, drunk, and offensive. It was one of the worst 90 mins I’ve ever endured. A word to people who think it’s ok to get drunk and yell horrible things… it’s not. Take your surroundings into consideration before you get drunk. Yes, you may have gone on vacation specifically to get drunk… and that’s fine (stupid, but fine)… but most people don’t enjoy being stuck in near proximity to your offensive ramblings, which ruins their vacation.

jamaica mom and dad 1- sm

Other than that bus ride, everything was awesome! The resort (Sunset Beach Resort in Ocho Rios) was big and clean.

jamaica resort 3- sm

the staff was friendly, and seemed to have a good sense of humour…
jamaica resort 15- sm

The food was good (Yum! Jerk Chicken!)
Jamaica resort 18- sm

the beach was nice
jamaica steve 3 - sm

the water was clear and warm
Jamaica resort 21- sm

the pools were refreshing and the entertainment was entertaining :) (Steel Drum Band!)
jamaica resort 12- sm

(Part of the special dinner along with the entertainment)
jamaica resort 8 - sm

And the location was convenient for exploring the town.
On Sunday, Steve, Dad, and I got ready for church and walked along the beach to the chapel. It was quite an unusual, but enjoyable, experience walking to church on the beach!
jamaica dad- sm

Dad and I went on an excursion to The Blue Hole.
jamaica 21- sm

The Blue Hole is a waterfall connected to a pool of perfectly blue water up in the hills of Jamaica. The perfect blue colour is caused by the high transparency of water and bright white carbonate sand. Blue light is the most enduring part of the spectrum; other parts of the spectrum—red, yellow, and finally green—are absorbed during their path through water, blue light manages to reach the white sand and return upon reflection.
I do not like swimming in anything unless I can see and touch the bottom. If I can’t see or touch the bottom, I pretty much expect a sea monster to eat me immediately. So, when we got to the Blue Hole, I hung out in the knee-deep area on the rocks, and dad got right in and swam around and explored the caves.
jamaica 19 - sm

Our tour guide brought us up to the waterfall, which is about a 5-10 minute hike upstream.
jamaica 14 - sm
Had I known that part of it would require swimming, I probably wouldn’t have gone. I learned that I can swim pretty darn fast when It’s the only way to get from one shore to the other!
jamaica 15- sm

We mostly spent our days laying on the beach, reading,
laying on the beach
drinking virgin Strawberry Daiquiri’s, Piña colada’s, and Miami Vice’s (which are Strawberry Daiquiri’s and Piña colada’s mixed together),
jamaica steve 1 -sm
jamaica resort 24 - sm
and exploring the town
Jamaica 8- sm

(Mick Jagger’s house)
mick jagger

It was perfectly relaxing, and the perfect distraction from the cold winter at home.

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