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Amy's Amazing Adventures


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I am writing this blog on the plane!



We’re on a Singapore Airlines A380 – 800. It’s the worlds largest passenger aircraft, and the most fuel-efficient. It’s designed to carry more than 800 passengers! We are in row 51 and we have the row to ourselves again. It’s by far the best flying experience I’ve ever had.

The screen in front of us has about a million different settings.

Computer programs that allow you to create and change documents, a pdf reader, a picture viewer where you can plug in your camera via usb and look through your pictures!

TV shows / Movies – I’m watching “Igor” as I write this.



Learning programs where you can learn different languages – Steve is learning Arabic for our time in Egypt.

We are leaving Japan on the way to Egypt via Singapore. It’s a 6.5 hour flight. I am going to miss Tokyo! It was such an adventure! We spent most of our time in Ginza. It’s one of the most expensive parts of Tokyo. It’s full of the biggest names: Chanel, Louis Vitton, Prada, Lladro, Apple etc.




We went for a walk at about 8am looking for some breakfast. Unfortunately, almost nothing opened until about 11am. It seemed as though the morning was spent cleaning the streets in order to get ready for the day. Ginza is definitely one of the cleanest places I’ve ever seen. At 8am there were people sweeping the sidewalks, and then washing them with a street cleaner pushed by a man. There were people in the stores dusting the displays and the taxi drivers were lined up on the roads dusting their cars with huge feather dusters. The cars are all so shiny! There were basically no dirty cars at all.


We finally found a McDonalds. Exotic. i know, but it was the only place open and they had an English menu which was helpful. It seems as though everyone speaks enough English to communicate. While we were eating breakfast, (and throughout the day) we noticed that all the cash registers had little trays attached to them where you put your money. No one just hands the money to the cashier. But the cashier hands the change back to you. They don’t put it in the tray. Strange, but interesting.

After we finished breakfast, we went back to the hotel (since nothing was open) where I got some work done and waited until lunch time to go out again.

We ate lunch at a place that looked like a secret evil club.


We had to walk down a spiral staircase that brought us about 2 floors under ground, where we came to what looked like a wall. It seemed like a dead end, except by that time we had a bit of experience with the sliding doors looking like walls, so we just walked up to the ‘wall’ hoping it would open and it did! Inside was amazing!


They seated us and we ordered the most interesting looking things on the menu. I got Dim Sum and Steve got something else… we can’t remember what it was called. The meals are so different from home. Every item is in it’s own dish and there is rice and soup and sauces that go with everything.



After lunch we headed back to the hotel but stopped for Gelato on the way. I got a small one which came with two flavours (raspberry and nuts and chocolate chips) Steve got medium which came with 3 flavours (Mango, brownie and cream cheese) Mango was our favourite! You’re not supposed to eat on the street, so everything ‘to go’ is packaged really well in order to keep it hot or cold until you get to your destination. When we opened the Gelato, it was colder than when we bought it because they packaged it with little bags of dry ice! On our way to the hotel with our Gelato, we saw a crime scene under investigation. There were tons of police cars and reporters. So we stopped to watch for a little while. They had a tarp covering the front of a jewellery store. We looked it up online when we got back to see what had happened. It turns out that a guy broke into a jewellery store by cutting a hole in the side of the building. The article was poorly translated into English so we’re unsure of how much was stolen, but we think it was worth about 50 million yen.


I had a nice nap after lunch. Not nearly long enough, since I slept only a few hours the night before, but it helped get me ready for our walk at night. We left the hotel at about 8pm looking for some supper and an ATM machine with English buttons that worked with North American credit cards. We had to ask someone for help with that. They gave us a map and instructions. Everyone is so helpful and polite! We were told to go to Citibank. We needed to get some Yen for the bus tickets to the airport and for supper. Almost no where in Ginza would take our credit card. They only use Japanese issued credit cards, and Yen.

For supper, we found a little Japanese diner called “Yoshinoya”. It took us a few minutes to figure out how to get in! ha ha It looked like another sliding glass door/wall situation, but we walked up to it and it didn’t open… so we were confused until we saw someone open the door by pushing  button on the side. So we pushed the button, and went inside :) I had Kim-chi and Steve had the Beef bowl. It was very good!

Chop sticks are fun. I’ve used them before, but when you aren’t given an option, and you don’t have a fork to fall back on, it can get kind of strenuous.

But it was wonderful to be able to experience Japan in little ways like that.

After supper, we walked along the street taking night pictures of the lights and traffic and people!





I had my tripod and camera set up about to take a picture when a man crossing the street towards me started talking to us in Japanese. We had no idea what he was talking about… he was laughing and pointing at his teeth and his head. I think he said something about being homeless in Ginza. I know he mentioned ‘canadian’ and ‘american’ and ‘pizza’. He just kept talking  and talking and we kept saying “English?” but he wouldn’t stop talking. Steve decided it was hilarious and started filming it. The man didn’t want to be on camera, so he kept his jacket up over his head. I’m pretty sure he was drunk, but he was quite entertaining. Finally, he attempted to hug me, so Steve stopped him and he left. Quite an adventure.

We had to get up at 4am this morning to get a taxi to the bus station where we got the bus to the airport. The taxi ride was about 5 minutes. The bus ride was about an hour. We had a miniature  – major – almost – disaster when we got to the bus station. We left the taxi, found the elevator to the 3rd floor where we were about to buy the tickets when Steve said “Um… where’s my wallet?!” So we freaked out for a couple seconds and then ran back downstairs hoping he just dropped it getting out of the taxi. Thankfully, it was laying on the ground by the door! So we calmed down and bought our tickets :) Now, Steve thinks it’s funny to pretend that he can’t find his wallet. But it’s not funny. It’s scary.

We got to the airport about 3 hours early, checked in, ate breakfast, and bought some little souvenirs and now we’re on the plane headed to Egypt!

This is such an exciting trip! There are new adventures every minute!

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  1. Georgie Betts

    Hi Amy – This is so interesting, what adventures you are having. I will be following along getting a vicarious kick out of it all.
    Keep safe and enjoy everything!

  2. Ashley

    Hey, sounds fun!!
    I LOVE the night city pictures!! Keep up the good work! That exactally what I want!
    Oh, and maybe you should invest in a fanny pack!
    Also, update us on any “list item” that can be crossed off! lol

  3. Shari Day

    Hi Steve and Amy! What a wonderful adventure! Steve, you look very cool as a world traveler. Amy your blog is so interesting and your pictures are gorgeous. I’m glad you are having such a great time. Thank you Lord that Steve still has his wallet.

  4. Greg

    Ok.. I would eat the white rice only!!
    The wallet issue.. Steve get a chain! lol
    The creepy drunk…. Amy, get a tazer!!! seriously!
    Umm pretty lights.. I laughed out loud at “Secret evil club” lol ..
    Sliding doors sound cool though. lol
    is there Diet Pepsi there? lol i’d be doomed otherwise.. rice and water….
    Dry ice was a nice touch too.. lol but no idea what you had, sounds like a dessert..?

  5. Tere

    Amy, I’m so glad you’re doing this. It’s really amazing and you make it seem so simple. Tokyo looks beautiful (so much cleaner than Korea:) and your photos are great. I can’t wait to see the pyramids!

  6. Renee

    Thanks for taking us on a virtual world trip! We’re enjoying the photos & stories. Here’s to many wonderful adventures ahead!

    Renee & Family

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